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Led by Mr. Andrew Tjioe, whose management expertise and more than 20 years in the F&B industry has gained him recognition for his leadership of the Tung Lok Group, each member of our experienced senior management team averages more than a decade of F&B industry experience.

Each of our skilled chefs is personally selected by the Managing Director/ President. Strategically located in high traffic areas, our diverse range of restaurants is supported by a wide customer base. Catering to different market segments, inter- restaurant cannibalism is minimised due to varied restaurant concepts.

Complementing our core restaurant business, we provide restaurant management services to restaurants in Singapore and Indonesia. We also enter into new joint ventures & partnerships in Singapore and the region, extending our growth in restaurant operating services through outlets in recreational clubs and hotels.

In addition, we operate a food processing plant, which manufactures and distributes dianxin and dianxin ingredients as well as pastries and festive food items such as sauces, savouries, cakes and cookies, barbequed pork and mooncakes.