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Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) Ltd is Singapore's leading innovative restaurant chain. Offering a distinct and multi-sensory dining experience at each of its restaurants, the Tung Lok group of restaurants has grown to become popular dining venues for discerning local and international diners.

Each Tung Lok outlet bears the hallmark values of quality food, excellent service and unique dining concepts. This trinity has led the group to win numerous accolades from the F&B industry, including awards from Asia's premier gourmet event - the World Gourmet Summit. Tung Lok has also been a regular host to internationally acclaimed chefs. In 2002, Tung Lok hosted guest chef Zhang Jin Jie from Beijing, and this not only resulted in a successful promotion during the Summit, it was also instrumental in the creation of Tung Lok's latest restaurant, My Humble House at The Esplanade, Theatres on the Bay.

Tung Lok started out serving Hunan cuisine at Charming Garden in 1980, and has since extended its expertise to encompass a wide variety of traditional as well as contemporary Chinese, vegetarian, authentic Thai and innovative theme restaurants.

Delectable and high quality products such as mooncakes, as well as cookies and nian gao for Chinese New Year are other Tung Lok specialities. Meticulously created by Tung Lok's chefs and produced at the Group's manufacturing facilities, these products are hot favourites that sell out every year during the festive season.

Each of Tung Lok's restaurants is distinctive in its own way, catering to different consumer segments to prevent market saturation. At the same time, the Tung Lok name lends it a common branding for quality food, ambience and service.

Tung Lok's Secret Recipe

The preparation of top cuisine requires perfect balance. Only the best ingredients. A flawless fire. Some breathtaking skill from master chefs. Everything is in harmony, and nothing is missed. 

At Tung Lok, with more than 25 restaurants in Singapore, Indonesia, China and Japan , we know all about getting things just right.

Including superior service and matchless surroundings. 

Which is why for over two decades now, we have remained Singapore's foremost group of restaurants.